David   Arquette---WOW!!

I am going to devote this page to David!! He is such a hottie and a great actor! I first became aware of him when I saw "Scream" last year!! When I saw "Scream 2" I was so happy to see his adorable face again! At this point in time I do not have much information on David, considering I have been too busy with work and school, but this page will be updated as much as possible when I get information, so check back every so often for more ok?! Enjoy the pics I have, I know I do!! :o)p

David plays 'Sheriff Depuity Dewey Riley' in the "Scream" movies, who helps solve the murder cases in both stories! My fav lines... * "What did mom tell you, when I wear this badge, you treat me like a man of the law!" * "By the way, nice streaks!"

David has been in many films, some of which are -- "Beautiful Girls", "Dream With the Fishes", "Wild Bill", and "Airheads".

David was born in Chicago and plays in a band called Ear2000. I hope to get more information soon about these things!!!

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