This page will eventually be a place where I will have my poetry, as well as some others that i love. I hope you will enjoy what I share. Everything is my own work. I wil have this page up and running soon.

These poems reveal how I feel about my life at home when things are extremely bad.


never gonna end
all the pain i feel
all the hate i see
i can not go on
i don't want to try
i struggle
every day
brings new hope
for a better tomorrow
so far not many of my tomorrows
have been better
i will keep up hope 
and faith
that one day 
will be my new tomorrow


time passes
i drift
but soon i 
will rise
and find my way


to soar away from all this pain
to be free to go wherever i choose
"Dear God, make me a bird.."
I often say that in my prayers
no one truly understands my pain
i keep it hidden and try to fly
fly away from it all

wrote this while it was storming one night...

lighting crashes, thunder roars, rain crashes 
i hover in fear of dying 
i wait and hope for the rainbow 
the rain ceases and the rainbow appears
time seems to take forever though til i see that rainbow

i am scared...
to live 
to die
to breathe
to be...
what i am really scared of, do you want to know
of my life, the one that i try to hide but can not 
the one i try to avoid but always stares me in the face 
the one that i must return to soon
i have been much happier being away from that life
not having to worry about the future, my future, if i should live
or die 
prayers and tears go hand in hand lately
as i think about what i must soon face