I have been receiving very mean and disrespectful messages in my guestbook and I would like to say something, so please take a moment to read this. Thank you.

I am a junior in college. I DO NOT have my own computer, therefore I have to use the computers in school. There are often times classes are in the lab so that makes it difficult to get work done.

I am a full time student in college taking 12 credit hours (4 classes). I also work 20-30 hours a week as a cashier. I have priority for those 2 jobs first before worrying about my website. This website started off as an enjoyable hobby for myself and is slowly turning into a source of information for some of my favorite movies and stars.

Please be patient. I have a busy schedule and it is hard to sit down for 2-4 hours and update my page how I want to. I promise that it will slowly be updated. Thank you for your patience. Please refrain from entering into my guestbook any mean, rude, or disrespectful comments because it is just a waste of my time to erase them. Thank you again.