Well, below are links to sites I visit usually every day or every week on the web! All of these websites reflect who I am and what I love! Enjoy! -Jamie


This is where I have my email account, I also use their search engine and send e-cards from this website!
I also have an email account with Yahoo, I use their search engine, e-cards, chat, and clubs!
Cosmopolitan Magazine Online
This is one of my favorite magazines!
College Club
College Club is a cool website for college students. It has email, surverys, advice, chat, and lots of other fun stuff to do!
Loving You
This is a great website for relationship advice and ideas.
A great site for women with advice for any problem, chat, message boards, and free email!
Another great site for women, with advice, email, chat, and more!


Official Disney Website
The official Disney website with tons of info, games, e-cards, and chat!
Q101 Radio
A great alternative radio station here in Chicago that I listen to on my way to school and work! You can actually listen to the live radio on this website!
WTMX Radio
Another radio station here in Chicago that I listen to on my way to school and work. It has a variety of music, from alternative to rock, retro, and some occasional oldies! You can actually listen1
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
A great website for Rosie fans, has tons of info on crafts, recipies, as well as info on her guests and a virtual game room!
The John McDaniel Website
Rosie's bandleader, John's personal website. Includes a message board, a biography, as well as a special members-only area!
ABC's Official Website
Information on all your favorite ABC shows, as well as links to fan pages, chat, and message boards.
Jerry Springer
One of the funniest tv shows ever-Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!! If you are from Chicago, you much pay homage to our hometown tv talk show host!
Dawson's Creek
One of my favorite shows since it began in 1998! Has lots of info on the cast, episodes, as well as Dawson's Desktop!