Friends are very special people. They are people who can make you smile on the worst day, they can make you cry, and they are great for hugs!! We all need friends, people to let us know that we are important! This is just a little thank you to my great friends!! I love you all!!

I wanna give lots of love and hugs out to my best friends...Tanya, Matt, Leia, Vida, Daria, Julie, Jen, Robin, Kristy, Lee, Andrea, Mary, Esther, Phil, Jenni, Chris, Loren, Eve, and Al!!

Hey to all my friends at Toys-R-Us...Denice, Kim, Brenda, Heather, Lynn, Jerome, and all u other crazy people!

My friends, Jen, Julie, Allison and me at Prom 97

My bestest friend, Tanya and me

Me and my "little sisters" Mary and Andrea.

Me and my old "psycho" roommate from SIUE, Jenni.

Me and my crazy best friend Julie.

There are 3 guys who mean a lot to me and who helped me to learn the joy of male friendship! They are my 3 best friends from SIUE, Chris, Loren, and Phil! Here are a few photos of them at their silliest!!

Loren, me, and Chris

Phil, the wackiest person I know!

The 3 pictures below are of my 3 bestest, favoritest, penpals turned best friends!! I have known them all for about 5 years now, but we have never met!! Hopefully sometime in the near future we will get that chance!! *smile*

This is one of my best friends Daria. She helped me to get all the pics on my page! Thanks hon!

My best friend Vida-who lives in California and whom I have never met!

This is of Leia (red head) and he best friend Kelly. Leia lives in South Carolina and has been really great to me the past few months. She is a sweetie!

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