My family...we are a unique bunch. I used to think that no one's family is as deranged as mine was, but now I know better! I have always been like the "loner" of the family, never getting real attached to my brothers and sisters, maybe cause they all are like 20 years older than me. But in the past few years we have started to grow closer and become more of a family.

I am closest to my mom. She is like a best friend to me, I don't know what I would do without her. We are very close cause I am her baby!! *smile* She is the best!

I have 2 brothers-Ed and Rick, and three sisters-Angie, Candy, and Linda. It is real confusing to try to explain it but we are all half-siblings! But that is ok, we act like true-blood relatives. All of my siblings, except Candy are married and have children, who I will talk about below. My sis-in-laws are Caren and Debbie, and my bro in laws are Mike and Ron.

I am really close to my nephews and nieces. I have 8 of them total, 4 of each. They are--Carlene, David, Mickey, Steve, Danielle, Marlene, Anthony, and Mikey. I am closest to Steve and Mikey, they are like brothers to me, so that is why you will see them in a lot of pics throughout my page.

My grandmother passed away in December of 97' but she was very special to me and I believe now that she is my angel watching and protecting me.

There are pictures coming really soon of everyone!!

Matt, mom, and me
My sis Angie and brother Rick
My sis Linda and brother Ed
My niece Danielle
My nephew Steve, me, Matt

Mikey (nephew), me, Mickey (niece), Marlene (niece), Anthony (nephew)

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