January 26, 1999 School is really tough this semester. Lots of work, and between school and work, I have little time to work on my webpage. *frown* Hopefully soon I will get it majorly updated. I need my own computer. Matt came over last night and it was so perfect, it's hard to explain. Things are great for us! We are visiting SIUE this weekend, only 3 more days! I am so excited. Can't wait to see my buddies down there.

October 28, 1998 I am doing ok, trying to get this page updated soon, it is taking forever, which is not good. Please bear with me, things are crazy with me!! By the end of November definatly this page will be done with updates!! Matt and I are great, only a week til our 5 month anniversary, seems like a lot longer though!! Gotta run, buh bye. 320pm

October 20, 1998 Things are ok for me, nothing too interesting. Last weekend was fun, we went to Starved Rock, I took pics that I am gonna put up on here soon!! Matt and I are great!! Tomorrow I am going to the junior ring ceremony for my "lil sis" class. Should be good. Gotta run....230pm.

October 6, 1998 I have so much to do before I go by Matt's at 7pm. Not really. I have to stop at Pizza Hut and get the menu and cash my check so I have some money for this weekend. On Sunday I am going with Matt and his family to Starved Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois. It should be fun, Matt says it is real pretty, so I am gonna try to get some pics and put them up soon! Classes are ok, nothing to talk bout. I talked to my friend Grace last night, she is home for 3 months from school, I am glad too cause not many of my friends are around!! :( Anyways, nothing to talk bout really here today. Buh bye at 2pm. Jamie

Back to all about me!!:

October 5, 1998

This past weekend was great!! I spent lots of time with Matt! We went out on Saturday on a date (have not had one of those in a while) and he got me an Irish Claddagh Ring! It is real pretty! I love him so much, he is so sweet and good to me! School is ok, boring as usual. Started work at Pizza Hut on Friday, it was crazy, but on Saturday it was a little better, less crazy! I made 7$, I had 3 tables. I was happy! I have to learn the menu for Wed, so I have to go to the resturant after I finish working on my page and get that! Mom is doing ok, she has to have an angioplasmi surgery done cause she has poor circulation in her legs, but she is gonna talk to the doctor first. Have not talked to any of my friends in a while. I feel bad but just have not had time! I talked to Tanya for about 20 min last night and Marie on Friday but no one else. Gotta catch up with everyone!! I hope to have my webpage updated by the end of the month! Gotta send Daria the pictures!! That's all for now. Buh bye. Jamie 2:15pm

September 30, 1998

Just got out of my last class, geology, that class is so boring. I have to go to work tonight. Mom is at the hospital right now for some kind of test where they put dye in your blood to test for something. I think it has something to do with a stress test. I am not sure. Hope she is ok. I have to pick her up after work with Angie (my sis). Talked to Matt earlier during a break, made me feel better. I always feel better after talking to my sweetie!! I can't wait til Sunday, it is gonna be great!! Last night we didn't see each other cause he went to visit his grampa in the hospital. Hope he feels better, I told Matt to give him my regards!! Still working on my webpage, hope to get it updated by November!! Found out Daria has a scanner so I am sending her pics to upload onto my page! Ya!! Not a lot else right now, gonna go home and have dinner and get ready for work, gotta be there at 5pm. Don't think I am doing a lot, paperwork and maybe a tour of the resturant. We'll see. Our old neighbors moved back earlier this week, they have not been around for 5 or 6 years. Good to have them back. Have not been able to talk to them much...oh well. Dawson's Creek is on tonight, gonna probably miss it!! :( Oh well there is always reruns!! Gotta get going, check my email and get home!! Buh bye. Jamie 2:02pm.

September 29, 1998

I created this page today. Did some updating of my page, hope to get it all done by the end of October, and then occasional updates. Tomorrow I start work at Pizza Hut as a waitress. I have to be there at 5:00pm. Should be interesting. I really want to see Matt tonight, he is not feeling well so I may not see him til Friday!! It is tough, only seeing him a few times a week, not every day like from over the summer. I love him so much even though it is tough! School sucks. I am doing ok, but there is not challenge like I had at SIUE last year. I hope next year I can transfer to NIU!! It is so much of a better school then South Surburban ever could be!! Buh bye for now. Jamie 3:10pm